Saturday, November 24, 2007


Turkey Algorithm from 'Making Light'
Says Jon:
“For a turkey of greater than ten pounds, the roasting time should be equal to 1.65 times the natural log of the weight of the bird in pounds, cooked at 325 F.”
If you’re not a person who normally calculates natural logs, go to Google. Say you have a 20-pound turkey. Type in natural log 20 and hit the search button. Google will tell you that the natural log of 20 is 2.99573227. Multiply this by 1.65. The result will be 4.9429582455, or five hours.
Math is cool and all but I like my wife's method:

Cover the turkey with something. What that is is not divulged, but it's critical.

Oven to 350 degrees.

Cook until the bird's meat falls off the bones.

This is not precise - my brain demands to know exactly how long this all takes and she can't really say beyond 'when it's done' - but I can't argue with the results: yummy.
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