Monday, November 19, 2007

Get a job you damn hippie

I know that our economy is turning into a McService industry with welders from GM and Ford working at McDonalds (never mind who all those middle-aged welders are selling hamburgers to, maybe each other, which would make McDonalds a sort of economic perpetual motion machine) but if you're in the upper Midwest my employer is looking for people to fill manufacturing jobs.
Attention (Redacted)/(Redacted)* Employees:

As you all know the (redacted) business is continuing to grow across the (redacted) campus. With that being said, we are looking for additional hourly production labor (contract employees) to help us with our customer commitments. (Redacted) will be hosting a job fair in Building (Redacted) on (Redacted), XX xxth from xpm - xpm. Please share this information with neighbors, friends and family that may be looking for employment.

For those that may be unable to attend the job fair please have them contact (Redacted) at the number listed below...

If you're one of the legion of McService employees looking for meaningful work in Bushitler's Amerikaa - get your ass up here and snag a job.

You do have to pass a drug screen, be intelligent enough to dress yourself and show up on time. A fair number of contractors do stay on and become 'real' employees, so this isn't a 'work 'em for ninety days and drop 'em' deal.

Also it's friggin' cold in the winter - you have been warned.

*Information redacted so as not to associate my employer with this blog. I don't speak for them, all opinions expressed here are my own. If you're close to where I live and you want a job, contact me and I'll forward you the details.
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