Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is not adaption

More from Bruce . . .

Much of the newsletter of course centers on reports from activists who have been working hard to deal with the space technology issue.
No, sorry. What you and your peers are doing is getting in the way. Y'all are so damned busy being against stuff you have no time to contribute to making anything better. You are an obstacle.

I've been trying to sell my car lately but the bites are few as most people are not in the buying mood. Money is tight and folks are hanging onto what they've got.
Maybe the asking price is too high. Maybe you are not advertising the thing effectively.
Soon, I think, we'll see more creative adaptations as you see in the photo above.
An adaption would be a new carriage made out of light-weight material, with a heater and shock absorbers.

Gutting a truck and hauling the shell around with a donkey is not adaption and it is not creative.

It's failure.
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