Friday, March 07, 2008

Brain Reward

Erica closes a blog post out with ...

In closing, I would be remiss not to state that the use of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” ...

Good gravy I'd forgotten how depressing that song is. I need to go solve a problem and make my monkey-brain happy, now.


I realized - not for the first time - this morning how enjoyable it is to make stuff work. Make slot A fit into tab B and something goes yipee in my head. It's a good feeling - beats coffee for a buzz anyday.

I don't get this feeling from solving puzzles or word games - I hate doing those. I've never gotten that thrill from running a simulator or playing with gear in a lab - I just don't see the point. Oooo the simulator passes traffic from dummy host A to dummy host B ... thrill me. Not.

I only get a brain reward when I can pretend it's useful.
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