Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dreaming in Pun

I made a pun, in my dreams.

We were in Iowa, at a race track. Somehow Little Monkey and I became covered in a foul, nauseous mess.

Well, says I, I guess you know [1] we're in De-puke Iowa!

I love this cartoon.

I don't recall feeling grossed out during the dream and it was miles and miles better than one I had last week where I was faced with a 'Road Warrioresque' thug and all I had was a pistol scavenged from an emergency kit.

And the damned thing didn't work - proving that automatics are not the weapon of choice for a survival kit. And it continued not to work as I applied immediate corrective action to the pistol. Until it finally did.

Bleh. Dreams like these I can do without.

[1] I of course mean no harm nor foul to the good citizens of Iowa.
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