Friday, March 21, 2008

Screen is the awesome

And what good is screen? You can make it do all kinds of awesomeness. Like this.

That's all from a terminal session. Don't ask me what his .screenrc looks like - I grabbed the screen pic hours ago and I can't for the life of me divine in my history folder where I got it from.

Probably way more information than I want flooding my eyeballs. But my, ain't that impressive?


Duh - the pic came from this thread.
Screen with heavily customized hardstatus
(hostname/pop3 total/packet loss + ping avg/storage array space/free mem+swap/1min CPU load/clock)

and splits, running mildly customized IRSSI in the bottom and a wide variety of fun stuff up top. htop's in the topside - favorite top replacement so far.

My hardstatus info is mainly provided by self-written scripts using awk/sed/xargs to mangle data from stuff like 'free' and 'df'.


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