Friday, March 28, 2008

Saving so you don't have to eat kibble

It appears that the Obamas are not investing seriously in their retirement ...
Where does Obama Invest His Money?

Ryan Ellis of the American Shareholders Association has examined the Obama returns for calendar years 2001 to 2006 and found that, in all of those years, the couple reported a mere $1,188 in dividends in 2006 and another $2,754 in dividends in 2005. In the previous years, they reported no dividends of any kind.

Given all this, Mr. Ellis asks why the Senator is so “hell-bent on pursuing punitive taxes on capital that would wreck America’s retirement savings?” His answer: Perhaps it’s “because, by and large, he doesn’t have any skin in the game.”

Wait ... he's a lawyer, six years my senior, with essentially no retirement savings?

He's not hell-bent on punitive taxes for it's own sake - he's auditioning for a job with a cushy retirement plan and perks out the wazoo and pretty much a rock-solid guarantee of work after his term is over.

Most people, in a competitive job interview for a coveted billet, will naturally say things that the interviewers want to hear.

He's pursuing the American Dream! Gob'less America.

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