Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hyperbole - Air Force Style

SecDef Gates to Air Force: Please send most of your Predator drones to the Middle East.. Thanks, Guys!

The Air Force fussed back ...
Some officers said pressure from Gates resulted in one plan that could have taken the Air Force down a path similar to the German Luftwaffe, which cut back training in World War II to get more pilots in the air.

"That was the end of their air force," said Col. Chris Chambliss, commander of the Air Force's Predator wing.

I will allow that untrained air crews are not effective but I suspect the strategic bombing campaign, the Normandy landings and drive East into Germany, the drive West by the Red Army and shooting down an ass-load of fighter planes had more to do with shutting down the Luftwaffe than cutting back training hours did.
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