Monday, March 31, 2008


S4C's favorite radical-conservative is heard from ..
I returned last night from a one day trip to Bethlehem, PA. to speak at annual dinner of LEPOCO which was celebrating its 42nd year of peace work in the former steel town.

Upon arriving at the airport I was taken for a quick drive by the old steel works which has long been closed and is rusting and crumbling like other ancient ruins of industry across the nation.

They started their work in 1965. That's when the steel industry in the area started to tank.

Coincidence? I don't think so. We need to awaken the proles that their hard earned blue collar jobs have been stolen with the assistance of the very people that claim to protect them! Fruits come to the gardeners that remain steadfast in nurturing the plants in the garden and those people have been very, very steadfast indeed. It's morning in America and we need to wake up and smell the coffee. Up and at 'em America!

Is it as funny when the indoctrinated look like you?
Is it as cool, as kitschy, as righteous?
Is it as easy to scream “Revolution now!”
if you knew you’d have to give up some of your shit?
Is Mao still a genius when he tells you that your bougie urban
intellectual ass needs to stop reading books and go out into the fields to work?
Did Mao experiment on your family that to make a better world?
Did you know that communism is not theoretical for everyone?

Kelly Tsai - 'Little Red Books'

[1] Nothing in this post is meant to be taken seriously. Except the parts that are.
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