Friday, March 21, 2008

T.R. Fehrenbach - A few presidents made a difference

What does my favorite historian and pundit have to say about the current election?

Every four years, we're told that "this election" is vital; we can either change the world or terrible things will happen if the other side wins.

If you believe this, I suspect you are either very young or a fool.

Me, I'm a (Samuel) Johnsonian, believing in regulating imagination by reality and instead of thinking how things may be, seeing them as they are. In short, what is, is.

Like most thinking Republicans and the smarter sort of Democrats, when my candidate lost, I found the best revenge was making money. Fact is, most of us do better when our side is out of office because we are not distracted by politics.

Amen. Let's just elect someone and get back to doing what matters.

Speaking of that, it's time to go make dinner.
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