Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring is Here

Spring at S4C.

* The trampoline is up. [1]

* This morning ...

Older Monkey tapped on my window


OM: The frog [2] didn't make it - I found him floating in the pond.

Ah. Where is it?

OM: On the bench.

Well, can you .. bury it?

Five minutes pass. Then from the kitchen I hear ...

Older Sister: Oh my Gawd what the heck is wrong with you! Take that back outside! Ew, that is gross!

OM: Hahahhhaha okay now I'll bury it.

Kids are cool.

[1] I'd take credit for it but Older Monkey asked if he could. Confident he'd need help I went outside and ... done. Kids are amazing and they grow up way too fast.

[2] We have a pond. It's not deep enough for the fish to survive the winter so around September they come inside the house. Last summer we acquired a small frog for the pond but he refused to be caught. We hoped for the best ...
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