Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bring on the true space-age

LaserMotive broke a whole bunch of records and won themselves a pot-full of money.
  • Powered a climber weighing 5.2kg to an altitude of 1km.
  • Powered a climber at a speed of 4m/s to an altitude of 1km.
  • Produced more than 1 kW of electrical power via power beaming (distance greater than 300 meters).
  • Powered a climber with a net load greater than 10kg at a speed over 6m/s.
Big flipppin' Deal, you say?  Yes, I reply.

LaserMotive wants to commercialize laser power beaming.  This recession or depression or pothole or whatever this mess is called ain't gonna go away by sitting around and waiting for the government to be our savior.   Jordin and Tom want to make a pot-full of money.  Gob'less 'em, I say.

Like this: anyplace you've got a generator, distance, and a gizmo on the far side - you've got a candiate for beamed power.

  • Unmanned vehicles that need to land only to replace consumables or for maintenance.
  • Rocketry.
  • Beam energy from space - where there is a whole lot of it going to waste - to earth where it is scarce.

And that's just stuff we can do right now.   Power-beaming is on of those pesky things you gotta have perfected before you can build a space elevator.

'Course if Jordin Kare and Tom Nugent and the rest of that group can enable cheap and reliable space access we won't need a space elevator to open up the High Frontier.

So yea-fucking-haw: bring on the true space-age.

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