Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crap jobs all the way down

Overheard at home
Herself: I've got a line on a temp job in merchandising: you said you wanted to get into that. It's only four hours, starts today at noon but you'll be on her list for the next time she needs help and you'll have experience for your resume.

X: Ah. Man. Ya'know? I'm feeling kinda lazy today. Maybe next time.

Listening to that conversation second-hand pisses me off.

X doesn't get it.  There won't be a next time: if it's a choice between waiting for a lazy-ass to decide that today she's going to get up and work and an ambitious soul who can work right now - who gets the work? And who is on the list for next time?  Not Miss X.

Get with the program or your entire life is gonna be one shit job after another, cupcake.

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