Thursday, November 12, 2009

I see you are shod in fashionable victim wear today

There are lots of reasons to despise flip-flops ...

What you and the rest of the grown men slip-slapping down sidewalks in rubber sandals at this very moment fail to understand is that those flesh-covered metatarsals are not suitable for public display. Nor do balmy weather and the relative social acceptability of man-pedicures give you a green light to march your naked toes into any public place that doesn’t have sandy floors or serve piña coladas in coconut shells.

but fashion isn't one of them.  When you wear flip-flops you can't run.  Running away from trouble should always be the first thing one attempts when danger threatens.

You can always come back with well-armed friends.

Anyhoo.  Wearing sandals takes away the flight option and turns you into a victim.  So - you look like a dork and a potential corpse: a twofer.

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