Thursday, November 05, 2009

Golden Arches everywhere!

She flew to an entirely different hemisphere last night.  Got to the apartment. Had her first meal at the nearest restaurant. A charming local place: McDonald's.

I am not surprised to find Mickey Dees overseas: if WhataBurger [1] can find it's way to Okinawa (and it did) then nothing is out of reach of the American Corporate Empire.

I am surprised she did not go for something more adventurous.  Perhaps seventeen hours of travel [2] took it's toll on her.

Next up: me and the Little Monkey are going to Wal-Mart.  And we're gonna buy a floor mop!

Meanwhile my poor baby is suffering a vacation in a Medeteranian climate and will endure a tour of the ruins of Troy.  She might even go to the beach.  It is all so sad.

[1] King of the Grease Burger!
[2] Minus the four-hour drive to Chicago. Bleh.

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