Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vapid Political Pontificating
“This latest tragedy, at a heavily fortified army base,

Say 'heavily fortified' and people think 'vitamins'. If they are somewhat clued in they may have an image of Fort Apache with blue coated soldiery manning the walls. Corregidor in 1941, a-bristle with cannon and thick masonry walls adorned with sandbags. Any FOB in Iraq or Afghanistan.

But he is not describing a large army post in CONUS. Anyone can pretty much get in and go anywhere. The main post is to big to effectively seal off unless you employ defense in depth - fences, trenches, roving patrols - call it a battalion of troops, easy.  All to secure motor pools, warehouses and office buildings.

Places that need to be secure on the main post, are: with fences, razor wire and armed guards. Other areas - barracks, mess halls, office buildings - may have a bored un-armed soldier on the front door. Or they may not.

Anyone who gives this some thought knows this.

I loathe intentional ignorance in pursuit of vapid political pontificating.


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