Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mr. Cranky and the blue plastic blocks

I'm not sure what friggin' educational genius came up with this idea

Counting blocks
Blue Plastic Base Ten manipulatives: made by Satan, NEA approved

But I am about ready to throw the set that came from K12 into the river. 

Monkey is well into working with numbers into the thousands, and his books still carry directions like: Subtract.  You may use models.  Which is fine, except he's past the point where he needs the aid. Still, he insisted on using them because they are 'fun'.

I let him fool around with the things.  Five minutes of 'manipulating' to crank out the wrong answer.  Then a few seconds with pen and paper to get the actual correct answer.  I didn't have to say anything - he put the blocks away so we can get on with life and get the math lesson over with.

I will allow these are slick ways to get the point across - for itty-bitty numbers and kids new to the math thing.  For anything above 100 it's worse than math with roman numerals. 

And they're not even very good blocks - they're too slick to stack well.

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