Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Intermittent fasting and the Five Tibetians

I'm giving intermittent fasting and the Five Tibetians (as interpreted by Steve Barnes) a try.

So far (as-of day 2) results are .. interesting. Mentally I feel sharp and keen since my day started at 05:15 [1]. Taught the monkey school, hacked a little, cleaned the house a bit. Took the Monkey and a dog for a walk at lunch. I'm not actually very sleepy, but I am tired.

Fasting ... per the rules I get raw fruit or vegetables to curb hunger. And that's been it, all day [2]. The first time I've fasted on purpose since my OA Ordeal.

I'm giving some serious thought to staying up until midnight and grilling up a cow with a rasher of bacon for a side.

[1] Not by choice: one dog decided she had to go potty so they ALL went outside and after that rodeo sleep was not going to be an option.
[2] With the exception of the oatmeal I had at breakfast before remembering the IF thing.

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