Monday, June 16, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Revelations (minor spoilage)

About the Fourth Season, Episode 10 'Revelations' [1] .... sucks to be them. Oh, the look on Adama's face at the end of that episode!

We still don't know who the Fifth Cylon is.

Grace Park (Boomer) on Battlestar Galactica
A picture of Grace Park is always appropriate.

I'm just gassing but .. the fifth Cylon is Galactica herself.

Cylons are more advanced that anyone thought before the 12 Colonies were nuked. Skin jobs took the Colonials by complete surprise, and we seem to have had them around for at least 30 years.

Battlestar Galactica
Savior or Threat?

I submit that the Cylons were more advanced during the war than was commonly thought - skinjobs, perhaps, certainly other advanced weapons and technologies, like the Nazi superweapons - really advanced stuff that didn't quite reach the stage of doing them a bit of good. The skinjobs as deep cover agents - maybe they were able to own themselves a Colonial ship?

This Whole Cylon Occupation Thing is Starting to Piss Us Off
The worst part is .. Centurions like to channel surf.

And then when it was all over and humanity won by the skin of their teeth,the Fleet put that information under deep Need to Know and Hope That Doesn't Come Back to Bite Us.

Fast forward twenty years. Their sleeper agents are now senior officers in the fleet - they're getting ready to retire. A beached XO or Admiral isn't in a position to help or hurt anyone. And the last of the battlestars that fought in the war is being scrapped .. the Cylons have to act now or their deep-cover agents and owned machinery are gone.

Use it or loose it. Nuke 'm from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.

I love the smell of burning cities in the morning. It smells like .. victory.

This would not seem possible - Galactica has surely been in the yard for refit and SLEP: it's improbable that there is a Hybrid sitting in a bathtub behind a bulkhead.

But there was Starbuck's Viper that was gone over 'bolt by bolt' and it still could detect a beacon no other ship could. There is something goofy about electronics in the Galactica universe - if a fighter's electronics can see stuff that no one else can .. naw.

So .. I'm wrong. But as a theory I like it very much.

[1] Link to the Television Without Pity recaplet - and many spoilers there.
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