Sunday, June 01, 2008

My hometown

Neenah, Wisconsin - they ask - what do they do there?

Same as any town of around 20,000 in the middle of America - we raise kids, we elect our officials, we have our scandals, our friendly neighbors (and our ugly un-friendly ones as well). There is a city pool, down by the water plant.

The Fourth of July thing we put on in the park is so exactly what a Fourth of July celebration is supposed to be that it will make your eyes water.

You've probably walked right over one of our products without even realizing it . . .

Neenah Foundry.

DC Bureau of Traffic Neenah WI Foundry

Neenah Foundry in NOLA

Decorative tree grate

Neenah Foundry - in business since 1872.
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