Monday, June 16, 2008

Tech Support - always a source of merry fun

Me: Help me, help me, the application [1] restarted but the file viewer part didn't. My users can't use the viewer it crashes with a horrible error. Save me, Oracle!

Them: Golly. Nobody can view the files?

Me: Yup - it's a real pickle.

Them: Send me screen shots of the error message, your File Manager Configuration Page and we'll get right on that!

Me: You got it.

Days pass ....

Me; Hey, about that problem?

Them: Hunh? Oh ... yeah! Hey, I was looking at those screen shots. It's 'cause you're using Safari and the security model is different and never mind the part where you showed me the log files and the system errors and said "it's affecting everyone". Here is a tech note to read on how to fix the problem you don't have.

[1] So .. how you lik'n the tech support riffs? Getting old? 'Cause now that our BOM vendor is owned by Oracle, there's going to be a lot more of this and I can see it will get old, very quickly.
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