Thursday, June 12, 2008

brooklyn summer by Kelly Tsai

brooklyn summer  
(for Adia)

by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

adia sez’ no brooklyn summer is
gonna buy her a house, she’s walked
down these streets in her breezy dresses
with her power jewelry on

she’s brought men to the honey pot
and led them to dip their fingers in
until dawn, as the dj spins the cuts
on the horizon over fort greene park

smoke of grilled meat and mango incense rising,
capoeiristas kick their heels in the dust. no indoors exists,
no fluorescents. cars park on tree-lined streets,
courage swollen in the hearts of every girl, every boy

in search of sweat
and a slow wind
before the end of the night

adia sez’ no brooklyn summer is gonna buy
her a house - but this summer, i don’t want
a house, not now, maybe not ever

i just want to feel his hands on my hips, basslines
strumming the air like the wicked wings of city birds,
i want to feel the crash of thunder and laughter
leaping in my very throat.

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