Wednesday, June 18, 2008

cheat bash

$ cheat bash
!! - Last command
!foo - Run most recent command starting with 'foo...' (ex. !ps, !mysqladmin)
!foo:p - Print command that !foo would run, and add it as the latest to
command history
!$ - Last 'word' of last command ('/path/to/file' in the command 'ls -lAFh
/path/to/file', '-uroot' in 'mysql -uroot')
!$:p - Print word that !$ would substitute
!* - All but first word of last command ('-lAFh /path/to/file' in the command
'ls -lAFh /path/to/file', '-uroot' in 'mysql -uroot')
!*:p - Print words that !* would substitute

More at the link.

Cheat? Whazzat? A RubyGem which
puts Ruby-centric cheat sheets right into your terminal. The inaugural blog entry is here.

Cheat sheets are basically wiki pages accessible from the command line.

If this doesn't make you go 'hmm' then further explanation is useless.

Joe Bob says "Check it out."
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