Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Early evening support of Really Critical Application

Early evening support of Really Critical Application ..


Oh boy. That is not the sound a database application server should make. Granted the noise is in my head - logged errors and failed web pages don't make noise, more is the pity. Click - click ....

Welcome to Really Big Software Company Support Site. Enter details of your problem. If you select 'Priority 1' you will be contacted within 30 minutes.

(Eleventy-dozen pages and many reams of data entry later)

The following Service Request has been created:
SR Number
Priority 1
SR Submitted Date 11-Jun-2008 17:47:09 GMT

This SR will be assigned to a support analyst during normal business hours in your country

As it turns out - they mean what they say. It wasn't GOING to be assigned until the next day, until I called and asked why no one had called me back within thirty minutes.

Man - I'm sure glad we paid for that support - imagine the suck if we didn't.

St. Thomas Giant Yacht

You don't get a one of these by providing a superlative customer support experience it seems.
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