Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding pictures

Katy Gardner of Charizma Photography took some marvelous pictures of James and Sarah's wedding. Here are a few that no one is likely to see - who wants to see pictures of a boy in a tux poking at fish with a stick?

We're ordering prints of course.

Jasmie and Lydia
Lydia and Jasmine - flower girls.

Girl at the pond
It was a lovely spring day.

Pond, Jasmine and Lydia
Jasmine and Lydia - when it's boring in the house you can always watch fish.


Nixie with her pig ball - who will play with me?
The Dog.

Charlie - an Umbrella Cockatoo
He's not cute, but he is loud.

Lunch - PBJ.

Cian with his fish poking stick
He's not really poking the fish.  What he's doing is poking at the fish to get them to come out from under their rock.
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