Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've got some great kids

I'm blessed. For Father's Day ..

My oldest daughter watched the Monkeys so my wife and I could 'steel away' for two nights in scenic Door County.

My other daughter presented me with three coupons for lawn mowing 'without complaining or whining': Awesome.

The Monkeys gave me this picture [1] on a t-shirt.

[1] The deal here is that the Milwaukee Zoo has a troop of bonobos. The Monkeys were thrilled to discover that one of them was named Brian.
A psychiatric advisor provided help for Brian early on, suggesting that he get more one-on-one contact with other bonobos rather than try to integrate with the whole group. That strategy has worked, and Brian, now 15, can relate with several bonobos at a time.
A chimpanzee who would prefer to minimize his social interaction - that's my kind of primate. So they call me a bonobo (the word just rolls around in your mouth) and they're monkeys.
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