Monday, June 02, 2008

That ain't working

I took two days off last week - Memorial day and a vacation day on Friday.

I clocked in 35 hours of work that week. I feel reasonably rested and ready to fight the good fight.

I think this is probably because a lot of what I do for 'work' doesn't feel like work. Six of the 35 hours, for example, were spent at my kitchen table doing sysadmin stuff during a maintenance window on Saturday evening.

Sitting at home, gentle breezes wafting in from the window, bird song outside .. man that ain't working. I mean it is but it's not out there doing real work like picking up garbage, digging ditches or humping a pack.[1]

[1] I liked the old Infantry Training School insignia - same boots but 'Think better, fight smarter' for the logo.

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