Friday, June 06, 2008

Krep Head

Sweet Jeebus in a sidecar.

The cartoon above is the work of artist W. B. Park who lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Will Park is a friend of many years and his illustrations are throughout my book, Come Together Right Now. For years, while living and working in Orlando, Florida, I would regularly meet Will for lunch at various BBQ restaurants in the area and we’d sit and talk politics and try to make sense of our crazy country. Any leaflet or poster I needed artwork for he eagerly did.

You'll pardon my lack of manners but that cartoon - the thinking behind it - is a bunch of damned crap.

".. and with this Mars shot"

If the USAF was running the show that would be one thing. Last time I looked the organization that ran exploration was NASA, which is about a civilian organizations as you'll find.

".. our countries long history of military aggression, exploitation, dominance, and overkill."

Like JTF Sea Angel. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake relief operations. Operation Provide Comfort. The Marshall Plan. Operation Restore Hope.

For krep-heads - mostly in the US - the phrase 'The Marines have landed' inspires dread. For millions of others it means that help is on the way, your rice is being airlifted, your logistics are going to be unfucked, your wells are going to be redug.

If what we were all about is exploitation, dominance and overkill we'd own Japan and Germany and we'd have Imperial outposts from the Antarctic to Vladivostok. We wouldn't just leave when the host country says 'go'. We would have nuked the Soviet Union and people like Bruce would know what real oppression is like.
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