Friday, June 06, 2008

Fear, lack of

Because the internet is for sharing, and at least one guy found this funny.

After I moved the trampoline against the side of the house - to mow - Older Monkey was looking at the roof above the trampoline with a gleam in his eye.

[Not my house, but that's what my trampoline looks like.]


But Dad ..


Reece [1] did it last summer.

"Reece jumped from the roof to the trampoline?"

Yes. [2] He went up there to get the ball ...

"When you're a) 18 and b) paying your own medical, then you can do it."


He won't jump. But he also has a pretty long memory and '18' is only 6 years away . . .

[1] Reece is his older brother. Reece is in the Army.
[2] Jesus - let a guy jump out of an airplane for a living and they get all cocky.
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