Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One shot death from above

The Sage Corporation has developed a way to mount and fire a .50 caliber sniper rifle from a UAV. By exploiting altitude and sophisticated sensors, the system claims it can deliver fire more accurately than a human sniper out to a 1,500 meters. That's about a mile. The question that occurs is why on earth an aircraft should be used to carry around a rifle.

He goes on about 'cloud power', reducing collateral damage, blah blah blah.

I suppose the answer 'because a drone aircraft lugging around a rifle that can shoot a chunk of lead a 1.5 kilometers away [1] is friggin' awesome' doesn't cut it in serious political analysis.

What I really like is that this doesn't do away with the traditional scout-sniper idea. It gives the Good Guys another tool in their kit.

If Mohamed won't come into the kill-zone, the kill-zone can go to Mohamed,[2] if you will.

[One shot, death from above]

[1] a .5 meter target 1.5 kilometers away, to be exact. [3] To be more exact, two shots at that distance, the second auto-fired after observing the hit of the first.

[2] At 130 km/h, Death shall come on swift aluminum wings.

[3] The weapon - being geeky here - has it all over Luke Skywalker. Womp Rats are up to two meters in length.
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