Friday, September 15, 2006

Anti-Mopery for September 15, 2006

The 'Lebanese-horse-riding-gun-twirling women and those freaky cosplay chics' Edition

Now, the lady in question is not Lebanese, I don't know if she can ride, I doubt like hell she's into cosplay, and if she handles firearms I hope she refrains from twirling them. It's a secret between me and a so-far anonymous correspondant.

She's not just a pretty face, she's got a helluva good writer-thing going on at her blog

When we hired you, we weren’t interested in your experience. We were only interested in how fast you could learn,” I was once told. At 24, that’s flattering. It’s also a relief—thank God, it doesn’t matter that I know feck-all. I’m a little bundle of potential. But at 34, it’s disconcerting to have a dozen years of your life dismissed. I could have stayed in bed rather than bothering to get trained on Wall Street? I didn’t need to sweat through those startups to learn why entrepreneurs have more in common with artists than with MBAs, and what it really takes to turn an idea into a change? I needn’t have bothered with volunteering, with learning to write, with riding the public buses around Bolivia?

For all that this amoral economy suits me well, I’m making a promise to my future self that if I hear at 54 that my experience is uninteresting to capitalism—and I expect to—I’ll stand up, excuse myself with a big smile, and go back to the woods for good. We’re human beings. Our stories matter. Grown-ups have more to contribute than babies. And where we have been and who we take care of matters more to me than symbols, models, and theories.

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