Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Really, Really FREE Market

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From William Gillis.

I wasn't sure what to make of this so I googled and lo.
The Really, Really Free Market movement is a nonhierarchical collective of individuals who form a temporary market based on an alternative gift economy. Markets often vary in character, but they generally contain both material objects and skill shares. Participants bring unneeded items, food, skills and talents such as entertainment or haircuts. A RRFM may take place in an open community space such as a public park or community commons.

Works for me. Something like a garage sale but without the motivation to display the goods in an attractive way. Dump your krep on the ground on a tarp in a big heap? Why not - you won't get a better price for going to all that trouble.

I could see this in the local town square (which is actually a triangle but it used to be a square). Why, my wife could even trot out some of the stuff she's had for months that isn't selling in return for good-will and showing the flag. This might be contrary to the spirit of the thing ...
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