Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank you Sir, may I have another?

Some rules are disabled, and you receive an error message when you try to enable them after you upgrade to Outlook 2003
When you use rules in Outlook, you may receive the following error message:
There is not enough space on the Microsoft Exchange Server to store all of your rules. The rules that failed to upload have been deactivated.
Why am I getting this error message?
Each rule is made up of seven parts. The rule properties themselves represent from 400 to 500 bytes of data without the recipients. Each recipient averages about from 400 to 500 bytes of space as well, and this data is stored in the conditions and restrictions portion of the rule. Distribution lists are considered one recipient and only take up from 400 to 500 bytes of space. The total amount of space that is allowed for each folder is 32 kilobytes (KB). Out of office e-mail messages are stored as rules, so they take up space as well.
Aw come ON Microsoft. 32K? What is this, 1986 or something?

The workaround?
• Create distribution lists (DLs) to group recipients in rules, instead of using individual recipients.
• Keep the number of recipients small in rules.
• Keep the names of recipients as small as possible.

I'm supposed to reduce the complexity of the rules that are supposed to reduce the complexity of my mailbox.

Thank-you-very-much Microsoft, may I have another?
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