Monday, September 11, 2006

Light a Candle

It is presumptious and pretentious on my part to link Liftport's work to 9/11. Who the Hell do I think I am?

But that is what I've done. Gone is the Heinlein and the Baxter quote that graced the title above; in their place the James Lileks quote I've used for a long time in my email signature.

But move forward, too. Light a candle, yes. But also drive a rivet.

I'm me, that's who. I've got just as much right to define my corner of 9/11 as anyone else. Less, perhaps than some - I don't know a single soul that was murdered.

Yet I was touched - as were we all. A nice part of a good company was creamed by the economic ruckus later that year, resulting in layoffs and the attendent havoc that will cause. My step-son is in the Army and he is intent on making that his career. Because of 9/11? No, but that may well be the reason he's staying.

It's always been clear to me there were a small minority of people in this world intent to cause my country harm. It's become clear to me since 2001 that 'cause my country harm' means slaughtering as many of my fellow citizens as they can, when they can.

So my contribution to Liftport can be thought of as a memorial. My part to make this country not just better but better off - wealthier and with more choices for her citizens.

In the end, maybe that's enough. Not just to live but to live well. Have your 13th century - and may you enjoy the plague and the pestilence and the ignorance that were part of it - we're going to the stars.
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