Sunday, September 24, 2006

Meaningful Work or Death

Hugh MacLeod is a (gasp) Puritan

Now taking time of from the daily grind in order to recharge our batteries I don't have a problem with. Heck, that's what The Sabbath was invented for ["All a child needs to be happy are two things: a hard wooden chair and a Bible" etc].

Where the problem arises is when this "Leisure Time" starts taking over. Becoming no longer a means [recharging], but an end it itself, what we call a [shudder] “Lifestyle”. When your work stops being your "Real Life", and "Leisure" starts becoming your real life i.e. When your job just becomes this unpleasant "thing", something with no other meaningful function other than to finance your new "Real Life" i.e your “Lifestyle”... you know, the expensive part with all the shopping, beaches, cocktail parties, vacuous conversations etc.

Sure, I know this Work/Life schism started a long time ago, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the time clock, Marxist-worker alienation from the means of production etc etc [Some people prefer the term "balance" over "schism"; they are deluded], so it's very ingrained into our culture.

I renounce it, regardless.

Meaningful Work or Death. Any other form of existence doesn’t interest me. Thanks Be To God.

I've got a new tagline for my business cards. Thanks, Hugh!
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