Saturday, September 16, 2006

Weekend Threefer

These have been kicking around in my browser for a few days now. I give up trying to write a hook around these - not that I'm great shakes as a writer to begin with. Call it a Weekend Threefer and we'll leave it at that.



Monday, when you sit down with your organization to plan the next decade, perhaps you could ask, "what would the top people at Ford do?" and then do precisely the opposite.



Act of Love

A well-executed blog campaign is not rocket science. It is, however, an act of love. That's what gets in the way for some people. Love is scary stuff.

I do not know if what we've been doing with the Liftport Blog counts as a campaign or not. 'Campaign' implies a well-defined set of goals, metrics. Our goal is just to get it done and while people have marketed wine before how many people have set out to build a space elevator? Darn few, I'd wager.


Start-up Inflection Point

There is one pattern in the tech sector that is so common, and so under-explored[1], that I’m compelled to talk about it here. I call it the start-up inflection point.

It might be too soon to talk about how to manage the zoo that is going to be (or is, depending on your viewpoint) our project. But I don't think so. We've had some pretty smart people working on this already, and I have no doubt we might have had some opportunity cost from not having a management framework beyond "get in there and get it done".

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