Sunday, September 24, 2006


When you can't pay your bills and your provider reduces - but does not halt - your internet access what is it called?
Mugabe accuses former colonial power Britain of leading a Western campaign of economic sabotage.
Right. How funny that Mugabe is doing everything in his power to help Britain with that campaign.
President Robert Mugabe's government is grappling with an eight-year recession, the world's highest inflation rate of 1,200 percent, shortages of foreign currency, food, fuel, and unemployment above 70 percent.
All self-inflicted problems
The forced removal of the white farmers caused sharp rises in prices of agricultural commodities such as corn and sugar, and the collapse of Zimbabwe's economy. Zimbabwe was formerly an important net food exporter to the region, but in recent years starvation has been widespread because of Mugabe's land reform policy, which redistributed land to political supporters of Mugabe who do not farm the land efficiently. This has left the large majority of landless blacks worse off, due to a catastrophic fall in productivity, a spectacular rise in inflation (1000% in May 2006) and widespread unemployment.[3]
Only inept politics can explain how a country can go from being a net exporter of food to a place that is an economic and political basket-case in a few years.

Stuff like this doesn't just happen - you've got to be work hard at it. \

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