Friday, September 08, 2006

Text Clipping on a Mac

I had no idea you could do this.

I love telling this to my friends, Windows users. Not that they’re my friends because they use windows, but because they are, well… friends. They use Windows because life is sometimes tough. I ask them how would they save a piece of text from the document they are viewving at the moment, for example a web page.

Their answer is usually something like: “Oh easy. You select the text, right click and copy. Then you go to desktop, right click and select New | Text file, give the file some name and click away. Now you double click the file to open it, paste the text in there and save it. Simple, innit?”

Then I show them how I do it on Mac. I select text, click it and drag to desktop and that’s it. Oh, there is one more thing, my friend’s jaw that drops.

If you want to include this text somewhere, say an email, you simply click the file on desktop and drag it into your composed email. Simple as that.

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