Saturday, September 16, 2006

Curing Cancer

Anousheh Ansari has a blog. First Iranian to orbit, first woman tourist .. first blogger? Hey Scoble are you watching?  Talk about potentially worldchanging ...

And hey look at that - Anousheh and Michael are sorrt of on the same wavelength

How do you decide how to spend your money or effort when it comes down to making a change?

Let’s say you want to cure cancer. Do you go buy medicine for the cancer patients? Do you create support centers for the patients? Do you give it to a university doing research? Do you create a prize for cancer research? Do you create scholarship funds for medical students who will do specific research on cancer? Do you go find the biggest cause of cancer and try to lobby to destroy the cause?

Personally, I almost always focus on long-term fundamental activities that address the root causes of a problem.

What is the price of a dream…? For me, it is putting my life and my money where my mouth is.

I support organizations like X Prize and Ashoka Foundation because they are not about making a difference in a small community. These organizations are about Changing the World and making it a better place to live for everyone.
I like the way she slips in a pitch for her own orgs. Of course I would wouldn't I?

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