Thursday, June 23, 2011

Man is superior to government and should remain it's master

Gary Johnson is running for president. Here is a longish interview on Stossel.

He's got executive experience - two terms as governor. Started a business, grew it to a success. He's a small government guy but he's not a nut about it.  Fiscally conservative, socially liberal libertarian.

Come down to it, if you were going by issues I've got more to like about this guy than anybody else in the running.  Control spending, stop blowing people up who aren't a threat, reduce the size and scope of the government - what more could you ask for?

But he can't win the primary. Because Republicans - I am reliably informed by NPR - are a bunch of strait-laced ninnies who will get all upset because he doesn't go to church.

I think citizens are smarter than that.  Screw the pundits, vote your conscience.  I am.

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