Friday, June 03, 2011

We're wearing something down all right

Awake from a support call.  Which was easily disposed of, handed off to the analyst who (poor bastard, sorry P) has to log in and edit ratty data.  So what's up in the wide world of sports ..

President Obama on Libya: "Ultimately this is going to be a slow, steady process in which we are able to wear down the regime forces."

Why, seems like only yesterday he was announcing the troops would be home by Christmas, we needed the militia for 90 days to put down the rebels in Richmond, Our Heroic Air Forces would be blowing up people in the name of peace for, what, five days, a week tops.  Ten days at the most, the Air Force promised that this time they could blow shit up real good pinky swear and sugar on top.

Oh and check this out: Dennis Kucinich offered up a resolution requiring us to GTFO of Libya.  Fucking aye-skippy, he got this one right.

House leaders, Republicans who have clearly lost their fucking teeny-tiny minds, postponed the vote on that one, offered up their own, asking the President, pretty-please to explain the mission just one more time and promising that this time they'll take notes.

The military, meanwhile, displaying the can-do attitude that simply does not know the meaning of the phrase 'quit while you are still loosing' insists that 'we're real close to winning this thing and we just need a few dozen more sorties and air medals to get this thing done' or words to that effect.

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