Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tab Clearing

Did A Massive Solar Proton Event Fry The Earth.  Living here, on Earth, is like living in a house where, once in a great while, the furnace tries very hard to kill everyone.

J.E. Pournelle

The President is apparently proud of giving Chrysler to Fiat after despoiling the stockholders and bondholders in favor of the unions. Now the NLRB is forbidding Boeing from employing people in South Carolina on the grounds that this is a transfer of jobs from a compulsorily unionized state to a right to work state. I don't see how that's constitutional: how is it a power of the federal government to tell Boeing where to build airplanes? Suppose they decide to transfer the work to India or China? This central economic planning does not seem like a good way to recover from an economy in which unemployment is rising, job creation is falling, and although in theory we are in recovery, it sure feels like Depression to many. Perhaps I am unduly discouraged?

It's been called the scariest jobs chart you'll ever see.  As a culture we know how to govern well, how to keep an economy going.  Collectively we keep adding the wrong inputs to the controls as we fly this sucker into the ground.

Excel is not a database.  Introduced SAP at our manufacturing site.  The warehouse people decided they did not like SAP, decided to keep their inventory in Excel.  When it got to be 20mb in size, and loading that thing took 20 minutes, they called IT to 'make it work faster'.  The boss was Not Pleased.

Summer Food Service Program.  Food That's In When School is Out
.  I am sure it's my impending grump-old-man-dom speaking but I bet this got it's start when the people running the regular 'feed the poor kids during school' program decided to expand their Empire.

Houses and the Holy: Pondering the reckless genuine piety of nuns, the mysteries of discernment, juicy turkey,s and where the spattered blood of martyrs may lead.

Check Out What GDP Growth Would Look Like If The Government Were Using The Right Inflation Numbers. We are so boned.

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