Friday, June 24, 2011

Windows Powershell - the slimy vegetable of shells

Like a kid eating broccoli and hate-hate-hating it I had a run at Windows Powershell yesterday.

And just like that kid, my very first taste caused immediate retching and revulsion. Gross - people eat this stuff? Willingly?

Launching Powershell from the command line - how? 'ps'? No. 'psh'? No.

c:\> powershell [return]

Eight letters where two would do. And not eight letters in a row, or on the home row or anything useful but spread out all over the gawd-damned keyboard. Ruthlessly condensing commonly used commands to a few keystrokes is something only hairy unix dorks do for reasons that more enlightened beings can only guess at.

I'm surprised they didn't include letters from way up on the row where the number keys hang out in keyboard Siberia.

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