Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three months into a one week war

Congress asked the Executive 'Oh, hey, about that War Powers Act and the legal justification for going to war?' and the Executive replied 'Oh hey we're cool. It's not a war. Totally.'

  • 2500 sorties over Libya.
  • $716 million in gas and bombs.
  • Providing most of the intel and refueling to support other people who are dropping bombs.
  • We're only blowing up anti-aircraft missile sites.
  • And whatever those sites need to function.
  • And we're also using drones to drop bombs and kill people.
  • But it's cool: our forces are not at risk because the wogs can't shoot back.
Not A War.

I have not seen such a generous helping of bullshit since my youngest, with a maw full of cookies, insisted that he was not eating cookies. At least the child had the morals to understand he was shucking and jiving: these guys actually believe what they are selling.

The report should have been titled 'Excuses To Do Whatever The Heck I Want To Do Now Shut Up And Let Do My Thing'.

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