Friday, June 24, 2011

A vulgar, upjumped, snake-oil-selling, midway-barker huckster

Congress asserted itself and declined to give the President legal cover to conduct a half-assed [1] war in Libya.  To which the Secretary of State Clinton [2] said

Whose side are you on?

The lady is doing her best to make people hate-hate-hate the current administration.  Also: fuck you, bitch.

I had to get my licks in, but I bow to Ken, who said it best, as only a finely trained legal mind with a mastery of the English language could. [3]

You vulgar, upjumped, snake-oil-selling, midway-barker huckster. You venal, amoral, mendacious harpy. You vile, preening, scheming hack. Whose side am I on? I’m on the side of fuck you, bitch. I’m on the side of the Constitution, limited government, limited executive power to kill people, limited executive power to put our armed forces at risk, and the rule of motherfucking law. I can’t believe there was a time when I couldn’t grasp why people despised you. Whose side am I on? You Senator, can you name a nanosecond when you’ve ever been on anyone’s side but your own?

That’s whose side I’m on. What’s it to you?

The shade of George Patton, who knew a thing two about language and the use of profanity in motivating men, is smiling.

[1] One of the worst parts about this whole mess in Libya is how god-awful badly it's being run.  Blow up Libyans, but not too much.  Aim at places where the Qadhafi is staying, but don't actually attempt to kill him.  Do it on the cheap, with airplanes, that don't actually win wars.  You could find better strategists at a comic book shop on Saturday afternoon than at the White House on a weekday.

[2] It is amusing that a chick who was a sort of hippie back in the day is now playing the part of Kissinger in a dirty, illegal, war.

[3] I hope Ken will forgive block quoting in it's entirety.  Excising a snippet did not do it justice.

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