Thursday, June 09, 2011

One word: keypunch

A new generation of farm worker training has been announced . . .
Obama today announced a series of new commitments by the manufacturing  industry and colleges aimed at providing half a million community college students with the skills needed to fill jobs in companies across the country.
Maybe keypunch operators.

Take that statement at face value: the American Corporate Empire is going to just wait two or four or six years for 500,000 people to show up?  Aw hell no: those open positions are going to be optimized right the snot out of existence.

Manufacturing jobs aren't just declining because of the economy.  They're declining because the people that run actual manufacturing companies have figured out it's a better deal to increase productivity and profits than employ a herd of schmoes.  How far can this trend go?

There is at least one boat company that employs two guys per shift to make boats.  These guys sit in a booth, run computers that drive the machines that make boats.  Raw materials in one end, out the other end pops a johnboat

This is not an anomaly, this is the future.
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