Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our lefty military

Aaron points disapprovingly at Cory Doctorow who points approvingly to a Kotte post about the leftist structure of the military.

Seems the military has a lot of tolerance, they spend money on day care, and have the World's Finest Health Care.  Hey look, the military is progressive now let's all sing 'Kumbaya'.

Health care, true.  Mostly.  Unless you are a dependent.  Then you takes your chances.

Tolerance, oh hell yes.  It's one of the very few places left where one can get ahead by merit alone.  Because it makes the military so much more efficient at the lethal business of shooting enemies of the state. 

And it only works because the military takes only whom they want, brainwashes the snot out of them, distills in them the virtues of following orders, group think, and a simplified, selective view of history.

Pity that people who think so much of the military know so very little about it.

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