Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tab Clearing

Simple Math: Taxes Aren't The Answer.  The point is that taxes are a symptom, not the real problem. Spending is (and has been) our problem all along. The size and scope of our government services needs to reflect our means to pay for them, just like anything else. Our politicians, both democrat and republican, want to sell us Ferraris, when we can just about afford Corollas.

Economic Freedom and Quality of Life (YouTube)Excellent video.

Getting Truth's Pants OnA peasant cannot stand to be reminded that there are free men out there... so watch your back.

RPG JS - Create your browser RPG in HTML5.  I need another new toy like I need a hole in my head - but oh so nifty looking.

Tigger - A beautifully simple, command-line based task management system that lives inside your git repo.  I like todo.txt but it's hard to push it off my computer to everyone else.

HaikuAn open source operating system inspired by BeOS.  I need another new toy like I need a hole in my head . . .

Architectural Programming: research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed. In prole terms, designing a building as if it were what it is: a system.  Throw in the inputs, out comes your design.  Fascinating.

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