Thursday, January 19, 2006

Best Description Ever of a lawyer's job

From Travis
His job is to wait for me to point to a vendor who has threatened me, then go over, hit the vendor in the head with a brick, and then anally rape the vendor until a scream of “no lo contendre” is heard to echo out.
There are worse ways to earn your daily crust.

The profanity might seem out of place - it seemed so to me, at first. I almost removed it from the quote. Yet .. this seems an apt place to go on for a bit about George Patton. From 'The American Tradition' by John Greenway
He (Patton) rammed a submachine gun into the belly of a soldier collapsed from exhaustion on a North African beach, waking him suddenly to his explanation.
I know you're tired. We're all tired. That makes no difference. The next beach you land on will be defended by Germans. I don't want one of them coming up behind you and hitting you over the head with a sockful of shit.
That "sockful of shit" brought reality home more certainly than any other weapon he could have mentioned.
So too the mention of anally raping people who fail to know their business and sick the laws on people busily creating more wealth and making the world a better place.
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