Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's about the oil. It always is.

ATB quotes Spangler, who posits that it's all about the oil.
Why did French President Jacques Chirac last week threaten to use non-conventional - that is, nuclear - weapons against terrorist states? And why did Iran announce that it would shift foreign-exchange reserves out of European banks (although it has since retracted this warning)? The answer lies in the nature of Tehran's nuclear ambitions. Iran needs nuclear weapons, I believe, not to attack Israel, but to support imperial expansion by conventional military means.
There is more at the link. Certainly a more rational use than attempting to exterminate heavily armed Israelis. Israel would bite back. What will Azerbaijan do?

Chilling in a vague 'that will be next year's problem' way. It is not that I care that Iran has territorial ambition - like a dog eating it's own feces that is what some states simply do - but the ways and means they'll use to accomplish their desired end.

Thanks to Frank for pointing ATB out. I'm sure it was he - or a link from a poster on his site. He gets the blame at any rate. Those graphics alone are worth it.
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